Boat & Personal Watercraft Storage

Boat Storage


  • Rack storage is utilized for pontoon boats under 84” high and feature wood planks between the beams spreading the weight of the boat over more support surface to reduce stress on the pontoons. Most beams are 1½” wide times 8 pressure points on your pontoons equals approximately 12 inches of support for each boat. Our use of the support lumber provides over 20 feet of support for your boat.
  • Boats and personal water craft remain on their trailers when possible and boats without trailers are placed on specially built dollies.
  • Boats under 84” are assessed at a lower rate than larger boats over 84” high.
  • All racked boats with outboard engines have their lower ends bagged to prevent any leakage on items below.
  • The facility has an 8,000 pound capacity overhead crane to lift boats when needed for cleaning, maintenance or repositioning.
  • Our heated building allows boat decks and carpets to properly dry thereby extending their useful life.
  • Services offered include winterizing for warm storage, hull and pontoon and interior cleaning, pickup and delivery to local public access sites.
  • We have multiple trailers to meet just about any inland lake water craft need.

Security. Safety. Convenience.

Our personnel have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety, security and top notch condition of the valuable property we store.

  • Concrete or steel exterior walls for extra security

  • 24 hour video surveillance

  • Nightly security check-in

  • Ultra secure alarms

  • Completely fenced in

  • Gated access

  • No 24 hour Kiosk

  • Abundance of exterior and perimeter lighting

  • Industrial level sprinklers

  • Ventilation

  • Heated winter storage

  • Pest control

  • On site management

  • Generator back up

  • Clean, dry environment

What Customers Are Saying

“Simply the best storage experience I have had with my boat.  Courteous, prompt and careful with my boat.”


Elkhart, IN

“This is our first year with Superior Space.  The facility is very clean with large spaces.  The drop and go service is awesome.”


Elkhart, IN

“Dealing with Superior Space has all been fantastic!  Facility is clean and storing and launch timing is pleasurable. We recommend Superior Space continually.”


Elkhart, IN

“Nice facility – clean – easy access.”


Middlebury, IN